The world of microalgae is vast, with hundreds of species being used today for anything from medication and nutrition to natural raw materials to biofuels and thousands of species that are still waiting to be discovered.

Our research and development are based on deep knowledge, technology, and methodologies. They can be easily leveraged to produce additional ingredients from the same algae strains or be used to address new markets with products from new microalgae species.


AlgaHealth's products are manufactured under strict quality standards in a commercial scale facility and are available globally directly or through distributors

Dietary ingredient for prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity. Based on Fucoxanthin extracted from AlgaHealth’s specifically selected and developed microalgae strains. Designed to enhance the user’s life and health through form as well as function. 

Innovative cosmetics ingredient utilizing the Fucoxanthin’s clinically-tested anti-aging properties.

Future Products

Novel Polysaccharides:

Polysaccharides are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to hydrate and retain water. They are critical for skin repair and skin renewal.

AlgaHealth’s microalgae is rich in Polysaccharides that can be extracted as an additional product from the same biomass and serve a growing market of natural ingredients for cosmetics.

Future High-value ingredients:

Microalgae in general contain a large number of ingredients like proteins, chlorophyl, carotenoids, pigments and many other more exotic ingredients that could serve different industries and sectors.

AlgaHealth will develop and utilize down-stream processes to enable extraction of additional products from its microalgae.