AlgaHealth brings the best from nature and technology together to create amazing value

Microalgae are among the oldest creatures on the planet and have plenty of nutritional and healthy ingredients, some of which have been used for centuries if not more, but our needs and our way of consumption changed dramatically over the years, so we have to adapt the good nature gives us to our current living.

Fucoxanthin-based products are currently produced from seaweed, which is extremely inefficient, since Fucoxanthin concentration in seaweed is very low. The result is a process that is very un-sustainable in terms of energy consumption, waste creation, and environmental damage.

AlgaHealth, on the other hand, is focused on producing nutritional and healthy ingredients from microalgae where concentration is 20-30 times higher and with our technology can reach 100 times higher than seaweed.

Our research and development, which has been going for three years, stands on three pillars: cutting-edge biotechnology, un-conventional cultivation methods and AI-based production.

AlgaHealth's technology stands on three pillars

Advanced biotechnology:

Strain development through cutting-edge biotechnology. We're going inside the cellular mechanisms of the microalgae itself while keeping its' original natural structure (NO GMO), implementing CRISPR, we will be able to amplify its' ability to produce Fucoxanthin and reach 3X to 5X yield of current strains.

Patented cultivation methods:

Advanced growth procedures using unconventional, patented ideas, some of which are derived from other fields entirely, creating order-of-magnitude leap in efficiency. We use these along with some tried-and-true procedures such as light wave-length manipulations, special fertilizing, and others

AI-based production:

AlgaHealth is developing a first-of-its-kind production process, tailored to focus on the resulting ingredients. It involves real-time sensing, machine learning, and AI-based control to increase yield.

Academic And Research Collaborations